Family Plan Pilot

Running for St. Jude is awesome, so it is natural for multiple members of the same household to want to participate together.  That’s a great thing, but we recognize it has the potential to represent a fundraising hardship, in that people of the same household likely have largely the same population of potential donors.  We want multiple members of the same immediate household to be able to participate together without facing an unreasonably high fundraising requirement collectively. 

This year, we are going to try a “family plan” approach.  While the first member of a household would still need to raise $1,000, additional family members in the same household can participate in the run with a $500 minimum fundraising requirement.  So, two people in the same household would have a combined minimum of $1,500.  For three people it would be $2,000.  Four would be $2,500, and so on. 

I am very interested in your feedback on this (positive or constructive).  We’ll try it this year and then reevaluate for next year.

Posted by Zach Sancken

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