2024 Eureka St Jude Run (10th Anniversary Year!!)

Hello Eureka Run Team!! 

  • 2024 is our 10th anniversary year!!!  I’d like to start off the year with something fun to celebrate the milestone.  Please click here for a quick walk down memory lane, and then vote on your favorite run shirt(s).  Please vote for up to three favorites, in rank-order, by email: zsancken@hotmail.com
  • I am working on playlists now!  Please send requests for playlists or songs, or let me know if you would like to create a playlist this year.
  • I still have a rain jacket that was left on one of the buses last year.  Let me know if you are missing one. 
  • I’ve set up a series of “Ask Me Anything” Zoom sessions between now and run day.  The first one is on March 19.  These are completely optional.  Anyone is welcome to join, though the intent is to provide new or potential participants a convenient forum to ask questions and get more information about the run.  Please share this information with interested individuals.  Dates and links can be found here.

That’s all for now.  Did I mention that Registration is open?   😊

Have a great weekend!!!


Posted by Zach Sancken

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