Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated or supported the 2023 Eureka St. Jude Run, and congratulations on raising a Eureka-record $173,000 for the kids of St. Jude!!  Considering the $63,000 raised by Fight For Life, the Eureka community raised a combined $233,000 for St. Jude this year.  Truly unbelievable. 

I very much appreciate your adaptability this year, going with the flow as we changed starting venues at the last minute and as we ran in the rain most of the day.  I had a sinking feeling while looking at the radar that morning that the day would be terrible and that it would not be an enjoyable experience.  However, throughout the day it didn’t seem to me that anyone allowed their spirits to be the least bit dampened by the rain (awful pun intended).  You are a remarkable group of people, and it is privilege to know you! 

Runner feedback and ideas over the years have been critical to making the run what it is today, and they will be key to making it better in the future.  As such, I would appreciate your feedback on the day, things we could do better or new ideas for future runs.  (Having a rain contingency plan for the sendoff ahead of time is already on my list)

Thank you again and I’ll see you on July 20, 2024!!!

Posted by Zach Sancken

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