Final Week Communications (2 of 3)

  • Details for Run Morning
    • Please arrive about 7am
      • Put your bags on a bus (no assigned bus/seating)
      • Check in at the table and submit any final cash or checks
    • 7:30 – Sendoff begins on the courthouse steps with a group photo
    • 8:00 – We start running
  • Details for after the run
    • We are scheduled to arrive at the Civic Center at 3:30 (See Attached).  The busses will line up on Kumpf.  Once we have crossed the finish line, we will need to walk over and get all our things off the busses. 
    • We need to be lined up next to our “Eureka” Flag along Monroe Street by 4:30 wearing our official navy run shirts
      • Showers are available in the Civic Center.
    • Once we get inside the Civic Center, please stay together as a group and we will go over to the photo stage area for a group photo.
    • After the photo you are free to enjoy the evening!! 
      • Pasta party
      • Beer garden(s)
      • St. Jude Store
      • Live Telethon
    • Family and friends are invited to join you for the party.  The free food and drinks are intended for runners and volunteers.  We will have wristbands for you.  There will also be food trucks on site for additional food purchases.
    • Our televised group check presentation is scheduled for 9:09 PM.  All are invited to participate.
  • Things to bring on run day:
    • Please bring an extra towel to cover your bus seat.  Peoria Charter Coach gives us a massive discount for the run; let’s not thank them by sweating up their seats!
    • We recommend bringing a towel, a couple changes of running clothes, even an extra pair of running shoes. I like to towel off and put on a fresh shirt at lunch or if I take a break during the day. If it rains and your shoes get wet, a fresh, dry pair of running shoes may save you from some extra blisters. Speaking of blisters, I recommend bringing an anti-chaffing product such as Body Glide or Two-Toms. We’ll be out in the sun and heat all day, so a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are good ideas also.
    • Your official run shirt to change into

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